Former Christian preacher speaks about Islam

Chaplain Abdurrahman Sykes, a former Christian preacher talks about why he embraced Islam.

Six dead in Quebec mosque shooting

Six people are dead after a shooting at a mosque in Quebec City, according to Quebec Provincial Police. Eight people were injured. The attack, which took place at the city’s Quebec Islamic Cultural Center, is being investigated as an act of terrorism by police.

In what was described as a coordinated attack, witnesses say at least two gunmen wearing black fired indiscriminately into the dozens of worshipers — including families — in the mosque. Thirty-nine people who were at the mosque during shooting were unharmed, Christine Coulombe, spokeswoman of National Police of Quebec, said. Of the eight injured, six are described as being in critical condition.

Two people have been arrested, a police said at a news conference. One was captured near the mosque and the other was apprehended on a highway nearby. (Source)

Gunman opens fire in Zurich mosque

A man storms into a Zurich mosque and opens fire on people praying, injuring three and one body was found nearby, according to police who have subsequently launched a manhunt for the gunman.